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APG Cash Drawer, Black, 16x16x4''
This Black Cash Drawer from APG Cash Drawer® is a durable and rugged solution, ideal for use in a wide range of demanding applications. It is compact in size and offers a full-size (5 Bill - 5 Coin) domestic till with plenty of storage space underneath. In addition, there is room to store coin-rolls and packaged currency, along with an adjustable media slot for convenient placement of charge slips, checks, coupons and other media. This drawer is four-function randomly-keyed and offers a 320 interface for flexibility.

- 16'' W by 4'' H by 16" D (16x16 footprint minimizes counter space required while still providing full storage space)

This item does not include a cable for APG Cash Drawer to Epson Printer. If one is needed, you will need to purchase Cable for APG Cash Drawer With Espon or Star Printer below.

Item #004224

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