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Logic Controls LS9000 Kitchen Control w/ Power Supply
Reliable and Rugged:
The LS6000 module is an enhanced version of the time proven classic Logic Net. It is designed to meet the most demanding requirements of today's kitchen video display systems. In addition, the module is tamper proof, without on/off or selection switches and no adjustable devices.

Cost Effective:
The LS6000 module can replace costly and ill-suited PC workstations with network software. To add more stations, simply add more LS6000 modules. No special interface cards or additional hardware is required for the LS6000 module to communicate with peripheral devices.

Compact and Ethernet-based:
The LS6000 module has a very compact form factor only 1.0'' H x 6.3'' W x 5.1'' D. Two mounting tabs enable these modules to be mounted almost anywhere on a display monitor arm, wall, ceiling or under a counter. The LS6000 module also uses standard ethernet connection to a system hub to communicate with the server or workstation running the kitchen production management software.

Item #005771