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Wristband, Z-Band Fun, Adhesive Closure 1x10'',Q2100
Brightly colored and durable, they’re both fun and practical.

Using a Zebra® bar-code printer and direct-thermal Z-Band Fun or Z-Band Splash wristbands, you can:
• Reduce ticket fraud - and the revenue losses associated with counterfeits and theft
     -Z-Band wristbands are blank and don’t have value until they’re printed on demand
     -They can be printed with the guest’s name for access verification
     -They’re tamper-evident and non-transferable, and include everything paid for on one wristband
• Reduce reprinting tickets. The wristband is kept around their wrist for easy access and can be redeemed at multiple events instead of multiple tickets being printed
• Choose from a variety of colors; Green, Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, or Yellow
• Each kit comes with six cartridges.

Item #006323